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JVM Tuning

Out of Memory or Java Heap Space Exceptions?  Slow code?  GC Pauses? Our JVM Experts can tune your JVM for optimal performance…Guaranteed!

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Database Tuning

Are you experiencing performance problems with your database? We offer data modeling services for both relational and big data databases.  Oracle and Cassandra specialists on staff offering many services like Connection Pool Optimization.

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Cassandra Clusters

Prowave led the development of the Spring-Data-Cassandra project.  We are experts at designing and building Cassandra rings to handle any amount of data you have to store.  Whether you need a 4 node ring or a 400 node ring, Prowave is the right partner for you…Guaranteed!

Solr Clusters

Do you need to search millions of documents with sub-second results?  Our Solr Engineers can transform your data into efficient Solr cores for the fastest possible search results…Guaranteed!


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