Solr 5 NewRelic Configuration


Solr 5

Solr 5 NewRelic Configuration

Solr 5 comes with a great new feature to install as a Linux service.  If you previously ran Solr4 under Tomcat or other Java container, and you used NewRelic for application performance monitoring, you might be wondering the best way to include the NewRelic Java agent with your new Solr 5 service.

Assuming the default location of your Solr service installation is /var/solr, perform the following steps to start monitoring Solr in NewRelic.

Solr 5 NewRelic Instructions

  1. Login to NewRelic and click on your “Profile” -> “Account Settings”.
  2. Download the NewRelic zip archive from your NewRelic Account for the correct JVM version you are using.  This is available for download with your license key already present in the newrelic.yml file.
  3. unzip the archive into /var/solr which will create a /newrelic directory.
  4. cd /var/solr/newrelic
  5. Edit the newrelic.yml file and set the “app_name” value, like “app_name: Solr 5”
  6. cd /var/solr
  7. Edit the file and go to the section for SOLR_OPTS and add this line
    • SOLR_OPTS="$SOLR_OPTS -javaagent:/var/solr/newrelic/newrelic.jar"
  8. Restart the Solr service and you should see metrics in NewRelic after just a few minutes.
    • service solr restart

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